Monday, February 07, 2005

Crushed and other

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!1 As many predicted, the Eagles fell short last night. I was home for the weekend and happy that I got to enjoy the game with my dad and brothers though. We had it. We had the game in control but let it slip away after the first half. Then, instead of mounting our come back, we gave them the game with some of the worst 4th quarter play calling I have ever seen. Heartbreaking definately. But, let's not dwell on the negative. This year's Superbowl brought a bevy of new movie trailers for our viewing enjoyment. I'll put them in order for you, worst to best, and give you my thoughts on each:

The Pacifier- Vin Diesel's very own Kindergarten Cop. We've seen this movie made a dozen times over, most recently, last month (Are We There Yet?). Okay, we get it, it's funny that he doesn't know how to handle kids.

xXx: State of the Union- Diesel turned down this and accepted The Pacifier? So now we have Ice Cube stepping in as the new XXX and cool Sam Jackson reprises his role. With Willem Dafoe as the villain, this has a chance to be halfway decent.

Sahara- This movie reminds me of: After the Sunset, The Mummy, Hidalgo, Flight of the Phoenix, and National Treasure. Needless to say, it looks derivative. Could be fun though.

The Longest Yard- With Adam Sandler making another movie about football, it's no surprise that this ad attempts to remind audiences of The Waterboy, Sandler's first box office smash. This continues Hollywood's current remake trend, but the involvement of Burt Reynolds should help audiences keep an open mind. Looks like another hit for Sandler.

Robots- These CG animated flicks seem to have a 100% success rate. Just look at last fall's lackluster Shark Tale. While this doesn't quite carry the star power of Shark Tale, it does have Robin Williams, quirky, quick, crazy, off the wall, hilarious Robin Williams (see: the Genie, from Aladdin). That said, I hope it's good.

Hitch- Considering his roots (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air), it is a surprise that this is Will Smith's first venture in to the realm of flat out comedy. This looks like a hit, as white men trying to dance are always funny.

Be Cool- I liked Get Shorty a lot, when I saw it ten years ago. I hardly remember anything about it though, besides that I liked it. Surprisingly, this sequel has me excited, mostly due to the presence of Vince Vaughn and The Rock. It should be a fun time.

Constantine- I know Keanu Reeves is not the best actor in the world; I really only like him in Speed and The Matrix, but, given the right material, he can be halfway decent. This looks like the right material. The special effects look nothing short of breathtaking. This movie could be a huge first quarter hit this year. Rachel Weisz's involvment makes it that much more promising.

Batman Begins- Now we get to the big fish in the pond. This and the following are two of the most anticipated movies of all time. After the camp-fest that was Batman and Robin, most would agree that the Batman franchise seemed to be on its way down. Fortunately, director Christopher Nolan (of Memento fame) stepped in to put his spin on the dark knight, emphasis on dark. With Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, and Ken Watanbe, this should be a far cry from Arnold Schwarznegger as Mr. Freeze.

War of the Worlds- Oh boy. Tom Cruise. Steven Spielberg. Dakota Fanning. H.G. Wells. Aliens. Destruction. ILM. David Koepp. This movie looks incredible. All the pieces are in place for this to be one of the most incredible blockbusters of our time, although it might be too dark for some audiences. I am so excited for this.


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